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2009 June 3 Enter Kenya Leave Tanzania

2009 June 3 Enter Kenya Leave Tanzania
I entered Kenya at the Siriri, Tanzania border crossing, it was a simple crossing, nothing spectacular. Kenya allowed me to enter again without paying a fee. The first time I paid 50 US to enter and they allowed me to continue to use the original three month visa. I now have less than 20 days in Kenya, and will leave before this the visa expires.

Kenya did not give me a multiple entry visa, it was a 90 day visa, and however, they treated it as a multiple entry visa.

Kilgoris, Kenya
East Africa
Thursday, June 4, 2009


Tanzania is a great country, good transportation, good roads, the hotels were easy and good. It is more tribal than other countries, more interesting from a people point of view, however less interesting to look at the countryside. Now, I only looked at the small upper Northwest portion of the country, so truly do not listen to me.

The road from Musoma, Tanzania to the border of Kenya is quite beautiful.

I left some great roads in Tanzania and entered some horrible roads in Kenya; it truly adds a special flavor to the country when the roads are bad.

2009 June 3 Enter Kenya Leave Tanzania


The man in Moyale lost his receipt book and did not give me a receipt.