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2009 June 10 Enter Thailand Leave Kenya

2009 June 10 Enter Thailand Leave Kenya
My 530 US Dollars flight with Qatar Airlines from Nairobi, Kenya to Bangkok, Thailand went off without a hitch. I was worried about a 45-minute layover in Doha, the travel agent in Kenya could not understand why this was a problem, which again made me nervous…

She said,
“You will be able to transfer planes.”
I said,
“I am not worried about my body; I am worried about the luggage.”
She repeats,
“There is no problem; it is a small airport you can easily walk to the gate.”

English language problems, understanding problems, and the lack of humility to listen… aagh.

Bangkok, Thailand
Southeast Asia
Thursday, June 11, 2009


Gee whiz, it is difficult to deal with a Kenya travel agent who probably has never been on an airplane or left the country. Jeroen my travel agent here in Bangkok was the one who found the plane ticket and the agent in Kenya more or less just took the money and issued the ticket. Jeroen did not like that I purchased the ticket from the Kenya agent, however since he demands I pay for Western Union fees and cannot get the Paypal thingy working I guess he loses. Travel Agents cannot think that loyalty is going to save them. Convenience in purchasing tickets online will probably put 90 percent of Travel Agents out of business.

I should give Jeroen 25 US Dollars as a consulting fee; this maybe will keep him happy even though he does not understand how to be a consultant. I keep trying to say,
“Do not get angry; realize you new position in life must be as a consultant, not a ticket vendor.”

I have done tons of consulting work as a Real Estate Broker, when someone tries to pay you consulting fees the transition is strange, one somehow must slowly accept that what they know is more valuable than what they are selling.

2009 June 10 Enter Thailand Leave Kenya