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2009 April 29 Enter Uganda leave Kenya

2009-04-30 05:55:08

2009 April 29 Enter Uganda Leave Kenya
I entered the country of Uganda on Wednesday February 29, 2009 and left Kenya, I think this is the 82nd country I have visited, things are kind of hectic now, and I need to check to be sure.

Kampala, Uganda
East Africa
Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, a city I was hoping to miss all together, however failed in this endeavor.

I crossed into Uganda without a problem, three months on my Visa at the border for 50 US dollars, and was in Jinja by 10:30 am, close to where the Nile River starts, I think this is negotiable.

I walked around this hopeless city called Jinja for about one hour trying to find a Hotel that did not make me feel like I was living in tenement housing in New York in the 1890’s. I have about 70 Kilos of backpack and truly was not up to paying good money to take a motorcycle taxi to an overpriced tourist hotel in what felt like a dreary city. I wanted to be close to the Taxi or Van Stage for a quick departure.

When I saw the third loudspeaker system of Islamic Mosques I decided to head for the mountains, too noisy. Jinja is close to Lake Victoria and is reminds me of Kisumu, Kenya with triple the rate of dust and trash. However, truly it is not that bad of city, just after being in a nice place like Siaya, Kenya it was difficult to adjust mentally to chaos.

I gave up and left Jinja at 11:30, thinking I could make Mubende or any city on the other side of Kampala by say 3-4:00 pm, I only needed to go 40 miles to be in Kampala. Well, it took me about one hour to reach Kampala and two hours for the Van to make it to the center of the city because of city traffic. There was a hopeless deadlock of traffic.

Ooops, it is 6:50 am here in Kampala, I must go catch the van out of the city.

I ended up staying in Kampala in Hotel called the Already Hotel with no electricity for about 20 US dollars, this is was nuts, truly nice looking but no services, all looks and nothing… no hot water, no toilet seat, and I had to block off the top of the door to keep smoke from entering the room. I have to admit though, it looked beautiful, truly a nice looking hotel for a dump.

Ok, I am going; I must get out of this city before the traffic starts.

I am in Mubende, a nice sprawling city, I have yet to find the epicenter, however I have a room for 20 Shilling with self-contained shower and all the other noise.

Kampala to Mubende today took about 2.5 hours, if I would have left last night I would have anticipated 5 hours, truly a world class traffic jam in Kampala. It reminded of Jakarta, Indonesia, the motorcycles were driving down the sidewalk.

Note, it was like entering a crowded room, the density of people has increased.

Uganda 406.9 per square mile.
Kenya 172.8 per square mile.

And they are all migrating to cities, moreover Mubende is heaven compared to Kampala.

2009 April 29 Enter Uganda Leave Kenya