2006 World Malaria Day

2009 World Malaria Day
Today is World Malaria Day, therefore to be a curious person I decided to go see if I how difficult it was to purchase a Mosquito Net in Kenya, Africa.

I was in the Siaya Centre Hotel, therefore I asked an exceptionally smart girl by the name of Immaculate a couple of questions.
“Do you sleep under a mosquito net?”
She said,
“We do not need too, we are uses to them.”
Then I asked,
“Where can I purchase a Mosquito Net?”
She quickly said,
“The supermarket over there.”
She pointed out the window at a building.

Siaya, Kenya
East Africa
Saturday, April 25, 2009

Siaya is the closest city to Kogelo, the Homestead of Barack Obama.

I walked over to the Supermarket and she was correct.

429 Kenya Shilling or about 5.25 Dollars, there was maybe five in stock.

How many hours would the waitress in Kenya need to work to buy this mosquito net?

I waited for about 10 minutes then they finally said the price of this baby Mosquito Net cost 429... (hmm)

I believe you could send one Mosquito Net to every person in Africa and there would only be a negligible decrease in deaths.

However, Mosquito Nets are the solution du jour; therefore, I went and priced them here in a Malaria prone area of the planet just for kicks.

I believe the solution is held by window manufacturing factories, if screens were a standard part of windows installed on houses in the Tropics, there would be a dramatic improvement. This would be a passive solution that would be effective.

People in Africa know about Malaria, they know about Mosquito Nets, they just do not use them.

2009 World Malaria Day


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