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2006 March 9 Enter Guatemala Leave Dominican Rep

2006 March 10 Enter Guatemala Leave Dominican Rep

No matter where you go, "you will be there,"
- Diane wrote this in a email a few days ago…

I woke up in Sosua, Dominican Republic and went to sleep in Panajachel, Guatemala, I am here, I am not there. I have traded one square concrete room with light bulb in the ceiling for another one, all is the same, but my world has rotated on it’s axis.

Panajachel, Guatemala --- Wednesday, March 10, 2010
By Andy Graham of


I got myself started, and I could not stop, I am not sure there is reason to explain, yesterday was a good challenge, a test of my fortitude, I wanted to change channels on my world, and I did so, in the course of 48 hours I have left one culture and joined another.

Walked to Bus in Sosua
Bus from Sosua to Santiago 160 Pesos
Collective Taxi to crossing 15 Pesos
Collective Mini Van going to La Vega drops me off at road to Airport 20 Pesos
Collective Taxi takes me to Airport 15 Peso
25 Dollars paid to Dominican Republic Immigration for 55 days in country.
Copa Air Flight from Santiago to Guatemala 430 US Dollars
Change plane in Panama
Enter a Taxi to Antigua, Guatemala for 20 Dollars.
Talk the man down from 125 US Dollars to 60 US, we go to Pana
120 Kilometers in fog, I fall asleep in Posada Don Carlos at 2:00 am Sosua time and I am still not sure, but I think 12 Guatemala time.

Door to Door 16 Hour Journey

Wherever I go, I will be here.

2006 March 9 Enter Guatemala Leave Dominican Rep

Phil J

Great blog. I know the feeling about a world turned upside down. I am in Washington now. I will have to go to Los Angeles in a few days.
I wish I could visit you now. It would be nice to have coffee and lunch and chat. Are you going to do any back pack stuff.
Keep up the good work.