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20 Dollar Per Month Apartment in Togo West Africa

"Almost half the world — over three billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day"

If you can do common sense math, it become obvious that when a person earns less than 100 dollars a month, they can only pay 20 Dollars per month for rent.

I wrote this when I was in Cinkasse, I have moved to Lome now.

I have recorded a video showing a 20 Dollars per month apartment in Togo, Africa.

I am presently living in a 20 U.S. Dollar per month apartment in Cinkasse, Togo in West Africa. I found a similar apartments in Cote d’Ivoire but was not able to record a video. This type of apartments is the normal way the world lives, the people in the USA are the abnormal world.

Cinkasse, Togo West Africa --- Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Border of Burkina Faso and Ghana


I wish I could reach down into a bag, I want to call the bag,
"True Understanding."

I can take this room and make it the same as at home in the USA, I have all I need and more. How we live, decorate the home has more to do with culture than money. What is important to me, is often not important to a Togolese person. For example, in the USA walking in the freezing snow to an outside toilet would be a problem, while in Tropical Togo it is nice to have this contraption outside the room.

Two large rooms and a porch.

The biggest advantage here is the community, there is no way to isolate yourself and become a hermit, you are part of something at all times.

Video below

Map to location of Cinkasse, Togo.

20 Dollar Per Month Apartment in Togo West Africa


A reader asked if about drinking water --- the people drink purified water, I would suppose it cost about 20 cents per day. There are stations or wells where people can go and collect water that is supposed to be potable.

Water always cost about 1-2 dollars per day, and a large expense in some countries.

I would guess that about 95 percent of the people in Cinkasse drink water from plasic bags.


Where to stay in French West Africa?

Lome Togo, the city is smalll enough to be managable and there are "American International Schools." EveryThursday there in and dinner for all the International People that moves from restaurant to restaurant.

There are two sections of West Africa, I am to the right of Liberia, there is also the section to the left of Liberia. I do not know that area, but my understanding is that it is not cheap.

Accra Ghana has a lot of English speaking students and volunteers, but in my opinion the city is a mess.

Populations in 2009 in Accra: 1,963,264

Population in Lome: 737,751

But the city of Accra spreads out much farther... I think maybe Bobo, Burkina Faso if you are Islamic.

A person has to always take great care on prices in French Africa, it is as if the French like to pay through the nose for fun. I am in a 7 dollar room here in Lome, Togo and life is good.Without thinking people rent 50 dollar per night rooms because it appears to make tourist feel safe.

I consider West Africa one of the safest places to travel, aggressive sometimes, but life is easy here they do not steal, overcharge daily, but no stealing.