1000 Travel Room HoboHideOut.com History

1000 Travel Room HoboHideOut.com History
the Free Encyclopedia of Travel Room as of July 10, 2009 now has had 1000 Travel Rooms submitted.

The snowball is slowly increasing speed as it rolls onward.

The average Hotel site has about 15,000, and Hotels.com one of the largest has about 100,000 Hotels listed.

I Andy Graham am the Chief Executive Officer of .

Manila, Philippines
Ermita - Malate Area
Southeast Asia
Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This is what I call a Historical Marker, a way of me remembering the history of in an easy manner.

There are over 13 Million pages or files on .
There are over 6.5 Million cities listed.

The number of pages increases daily, I never can explain this in words the general populace can understand. However, again I will try, the base or footprint of self propagates or expands, this site grows larger on its own. We more or less maintain the site, and work on proactive expansion, it is a machine. As of today, we have only had about only 10 support questions; we strive to have it self-supported by giving examples whereby users can find their answer in an intuitive way.

My support focus is on countries like China where the language is radically different than English. We are presently going to implement a way for countries like China to look a photos and copy.

A site should be self-explanatory, this is a ying and yang problem, there is the need to empathize with every possible scenario, in the end it is some type of cycle cybernetic approach.

1000 Travel Room HoboHideOut.com History