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100-300 Sosua Girls Affects Offshore Investments

Last night here in Sosua, Dominican Republic from 100-300 Sosua Girls were arrested. This little offshore community of Expatriates is in an uproar, some are happy, some are angry. These Sosua Girls operate a nightly rental service, and I believe the owners of real property are upset.

Rental Service of Sosua

VIDEO Taken down to protect the guity... hehehehe

The owner of (OOOOPSS) is obviously unhappy. He came to these small offshore community of Sosua and invested a lot of time and energy in promoting his boom boom version of Sosua. The value of many Americans offshore investment in Real Estate is either in jeopardy or going to increase in value.

Sosua, Dominican Republic (Adult Community or Expats)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of HoboTraveler.com | Gadget Profile


Female Mayor Wants to Clean up Sosua
I have been listening to older men complain that the Mayor of Sosua is destroying the city of Sosua, and wants to put the Sosua girls out of business.

Does the value of Sosua City real estate rise and fall with the body of a Sosua Girl?

Generally, the men who invest in these women for the night for between 25-35 US Dollars are upset. I figure there is one to two real hilarious stories per week here in this small Caribbean city. Now, if I was owned an all-inclusive resort close to Sosua, I would be happy with the Mayor.

I asked an older woman that manages the Super Market next to Rockies’ restaurant what she thought,
"There are too many."
"Esta demasiado Chicas."

All in all, the city of Sosua will survive, with or without the Sosua Girls, whatever the situation this is beautiful little city with a great beach. The cost of visiting the Caribbean here Sosua is maybe 50-70 percent cheaper than the major Caribbean Island group.

Do you want to buy a Home for 300 thousand dollars knowing the almost primary business in the center of the city is overnight rentals? Would you offshore investment in Real Estate be secure?

People dream of buying a home in the Caribbean, and more often than not, they have no clue of underlying business environments, and governmental forces at work that influences their offshore investment.

As for me, this is the reason why I come to Sosua, there is nothing better on the planet than to go the New Garden Restaurant and hear all the wild and crazies stories each morning while drinking coffee. This make reading John Steinbeck stories about Cannery Row in California seem tame.

Thank you Sosua, there is never a dull moment, and I am 100 percent sure my life is not boring.

Note, new information came in, it cost each girl 1500 Pesos to get out jail, about the price of one nights backbreaking work.

100-300 Sosua Girls Affects Offshore Investments

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