10 Skills Needed to Succeed with Internet Business

My site HoboTraveler.com has been in business for 10 years, for the last five years I have made between 35,000 and 55,000 Dollars. We are in the process of taking it to the next level. Whereby, I plan to have unbelievable amounts of traffic. (Money)

Do you want to be a Hobo?
This is the Hobo go this way sign, lessons learned in life come from anywhere, do not have contempt before consideration, you meet incredibly intelligent, wealthy and famous people daily who are trying to keep the dogs away, they disguise themselves so they do not have to talk with fools.

I will take these two site to “Super Sites,“ the top 500 on the Planet
1. HoboTraveler.com

How did I get this far? How did I make HoboTraveler.com a regular job… oops, maybe I should admit it, it is the dream job, I can do anywhere on the planet?

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Saturday, February 6, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com
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Skills Needed to Succeed

1. Databases: A filing system for data, facts, ideas, dreams.
You need to understand how a database works, I use Microsoft Works daily, and it is where I collect data. I also use Excel, but prefer MS Works, the sort functions are easier.

2. Collect Data in Database: The raw information made into web sites.
Data, facts, ideas, words are made into pages, you need a good collection of similar concepts
Example: 100 skills needed to succeed on the internet.
(I am doing this off the top of my head, but I could make a list of 100.)

3. Capture Email: Emails are you contact, they are you smart people, your support. When a person writes you, you must add the email to your contact list; this list must migrate from computer to computer. It should all be in one location, preferable in a database, but Gmail seems to be the best depository right now I have two locations, one on Yahoo Mail and the other in my FoxMail Email Client

4. File Emails: in way you can find and remember.
I know who emails me; I have a filing system that helps me remember people. I will put emails in a folder; I save all emails with memory clues.
Example: I file the name in a folder.
Folder: ---- Person Makes Comments on Blog
I make the Yahoo Mail Nickname: George-techie-sent-me-Video-Program

5. Read How to News: --- How to Blog, How to make HTML, How to Write, How to SEO.

You need to read How to News, if you want to learn How to Write, you read How to Write Newsletters, keep reading more until you know the best. Note, if you do not like to read, then you probably should change your business. I like to read Search Engine Optimization emails, if this bores you, maybe it is better you not do an internet business.

6. Work Regular Hours: Same time every day.
I have a routine, from about 4:00 am until 7-8 am, I work everyday, after that I take a shower and go walk around where I am at taking photos, looking at girls and talking with friends.

7. Write:
You must be able to type and write a paragraph easy; maybe you need to take typing classes. Content is King on the Internet, you must be able to put words, NOT just pretty graphics or photos up. Google cannot read photos, I have a successful site full of words, we are hoping to add successful graphics, but not needed, but helpful.

8. Manners: Smart people like me like good manners.
You are not going to get the support and help of others without manners; you cannot establish friendships with people who will guide you on the path. I answer many emails, but when a person starts out a sentence like
“Hey Dude, you need to do this… “

9. Return Emails: Try to give value to all human life.
People that wrote you took their love and time to write you, they are humans; they need to be loved back. I try to reply to all emails, incredibly difficult. The majority of people are too self-centered to even write a thank you back. I will sit and write two paragraphs to help a person I do not know; they do not even say Thank You.

I will work and help people for a Thank You, but will stop replying when there is no appreciation given/.

9. Honest: Here is where many lose, they just cannot be trustworthy.
Yes, you can succeed by being a crap, but you not be respected, just another piece of crap who uses people.

10. Todo List of Five Things Daily:
People make big long unmanageable todo list, I make a daily todo list of five things. I then get them five things done everyday. No Failure allowed, I work on a success basis only, I do not try to land with the stars, I work effectively, I make a todo list I can get done. You must learn to succeed, to daily not finish your todo list will make you understand in your subconscious.

Hmm, I made a todo list.
I did not finish it.
I am a failure.
Make 5 easy things to do, and finish them daily, you will make progress.

In the end, you have a real goal, and your subconscious goal.

Goal: Make a lot of money.
Subconscious Goal: So I can impress my friends, find a beautiful girl, and make all my friends jealous.

You will find you always work for your subconscious goal, once you realize who you are; you may be able to accept yourself. I want to travel, this is my subconscious and now my conscious goal, I needed money, so I made a website so I could achieve my goal of traveling forever. I have new goals, I am upping the game, I need a game, this is me...

People who love the game only attain great Wealth, the love of money is not enough, and you need to love your internet business game. Writing good is a game, with practice, you become better at writing, and you can enter into bigger games, you can become a player.

I hate to say this, but there are players, and the losers often become the game. Readers make some nasty comments on this Blog, often I am gaming them to elicit honest thoughts, I do not want ingratiating attaboy comments, that do not help me. Surrounding yourself with people who love you is not going to teach you the world; you need to engage the world, real, ugly and trite.

Good Luck

I call myself a Hobo, I assume you think you are smarter than a Hobo. I am
Andy Graham in Dominican Republic on Sosua Beach, while you sit in your cubicle or desk reading this, think about it. I have traveled continuously for 12 years, and visited 88 countries, what have you done?

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10 Skills Needed to Succeed with Internet Business