Travel Itineraries

Travel Itineraries, there are paths that are common to Travelers, well worn and know by the Traveles of the Planet, we are collecting them here.

     There are natural pathes or Travel Itineraries through a country

BORG These:

Silk Road - China to Europe by camel caravan
Trans-Siberian Railway - Europe to Asia by rail
Istanbul to New Delhi over land (Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India)
Europe to South Asia over land
Moscow to Urumqi (Russia, Kazakhstan, China)
Round the world flights
Round the world overland
On the trail of Marco Polo
Karakoram Highway from China through the Himalayas into Pakistan
Overland from Singapore to Shanghai, in three parts:
Overland from Singapore to Bangkok (via Malaysia)
Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City overland (via Cambodia)
Ho Chi Minh City to Shanghai overland (Vietnam, China)
Burma Road, historic route from Eastern India to Yunnan, China
Along the Yangtze river
Overland to Tibet
Cairo to Jerusalem by bus
From Istanbul to Cairo
Annapurna Circuit
Everest Base Camp Trek
Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City overland (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam)
Across Australia by train – Indian Pacific from Perth to Sydney and The Ghan from Darwin to Adelaide
Appalachian Trail (Georgia to Maine)
Route 66 (Chicago - St. Louis - Oklahoma City - Los Angeles)
Underground Railroad
U.S. Highway 41

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Travel Itineraries

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