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Working on a List of Top 100 Places to Live Abroad Before You Die Which Has No Value

I am working on an strange list, a dream list that only a few unique souls can even imagine.

Tue, 13 Dec 2011 00:20:19

100 Places to live before you die

I admit it, I am working on making a list of the top 100 places to live before you die, it is coming along great. The last choices, say the last 25-40 are up for still up for grabs, it is really difficult to think about all the spots on the planet worthy of living for a couple of months. I have added 100, but think there should be 25-30 in flux, in the bubble, I need more information from readers.

100 Places to Handout - to Live to be, to find a good conversation before you Die... 100 Places - Never retire, it sounds like you tired.

Living abroad defined: Over two months, but really three months would be better, and six months would be great, one year and you are the 1 in a 100. Anything less than one month and you visited for a vacation and truly never took the rose colored glasses off.

I apologize, there is no reason to think about this list, it is almost a fairytale.

I remember being in West Africa, I was in the north of Togo, I wrote my friend Chris, "Where do you think I should go, up into Burkina Faso, etc?"
He wrote me back, "Andy, you are not thinking... this is like an astronaut asking me how to fly to the moon, we are just sitting back watching the show."

No Place Like Home

Prioritizing is the Big Stress in Life

There is no place like home! Home is where the love it, where somebody cares about me for more than a day.

Now, I search for paradise, it is a hobby, I do not take this very serious. However, paradise is home away from home, a place where I fit in, not you, but me. This is the trying part, I know that everyone is different.

If you stay home, do not travel, you will not have any stress of trying prioritize where to go. It feels as though people get angry when trying to nomad it, to wander around aimlessly. I think there is a malady of the brain, it has to have a path, a plan, or it feel insecure, this insecurity is what stops world travel.

Do not change my day! I hate change, and world travel is ever and forever change, never a dull moment, but also never any true stable moments.

I think I have 100 percent faith in God, it is the only explanation.

I Believe in God 100 Percent

I think this must be it, I believe in GOOD, the good Gods, the great and powerful that would never let me have a problem too big to solve. I am free of worry, I sometimes think dying is just relaxing, not an end, to stop prioritizing.

Ignore this list, it is the wise move.

I want you to ignore any dream of unlimited happiness, of wandering anywhere and everywhere, I know this is not the way to happiness for the world. The brain has neurons that want to structure, they brain feel comfort when it has routine, daily activity, it needs to work.

A man Fernando here in Sosua, I am presently in Dominican Republic said to me, "Many foreigners come here to retire, then start a business." Then Randy from the Café Cubano agreed, I was at my morning cup of coffee there, and he is the owner.

What am I suppose do say? -- Is this a riddle? "They come here to retire, and they start a business."

Get it

There is no place like, not home. "People dream of staring a business or career and become important."

There is nothing better for the soul than when a person is beaming with pride, where they feel important. And the best way to do that is to feel they started something, a business, a volunteer project, they built a home, they constructed a monument to being important.

The Wizard of Oz was about a group who already had the answers, walking down the yellow brick road, trying to arrive at Oz, where they would receive the answers. The answer was already in themselves, they just needed to believe.

Again, it all comes down to FAITH, do you have Faith?

Are you OK today?

Do you need to prove to yourself you are important? I waddle around with this in my mind, I know I want to feel important, but then again, by who? I have very few people in my life that celebrate me. Please, do not error here, you may read what I write daily, but I do not live with people who read what I write. Nobody around here in Sosua cares what I write, I can write about Randy, Fernando, Michel, Carl, Dave W, Frank, Big Kevin, Marshall, Peter, and have extremely, oh and Frank at the Motorcycle Rental, and not one of them will read this.

I am not important. - I love it.

I am important to me, and am free of needing your support. Each year I travel I become richer.

Back to the 100 dream, I want you to dream of living anywhere, but the stopper is your need to feel important. It is not possible to take your friends, workers, and other people with you to make you feel important. This is why you must ignore the list, going to 100 places and living would make most of you go nuts, blooming crazy.

I am not crazy, but I have unlimited faith in being OK, but I almost died in a motorcycle accident at age 23, became a rip roaring alcoholic that dwells endlessly by hanging myself, jumping off the edge of the couch, with an extension cord around my neck. Then got out of treatment, worked endlessly, and needed to file bankruptcy.

There was never shortage of people around me telling me I was bad, nothing, they enjoyed making me feel bad, and thus feel important. This group of people who took their pound of flesh, set me free to have faith.

I have faith that nothing is going to happen today that is bigger than I can handle. Money is just an annoying thing that gets in the way of buying a cup of coffee. After the morning coffee, I do not need more money, it is all luxury.

So, ignore this list, but please try to think about it without getting your undies in wad, do not let them run up your butt and cause you to think or argue. It is a list of dream locations.

I dream of places where I land, where all of sudden I am in a new coffee shop, hanging around with fun people. The travelers huddle, a group of multi-nationals having a truly invigorating conversation about the world.

I have 1000's of friends, it is anyone I am talking with at the moment, they are all my friends. And, like the Wizard of Oz, all the answers are already with me.

Have faith that you will always survive, and you will be free, that nothing can happen that could stop you from waking up and being you today.

We have a dream inside
There is no place like home Wizard of Oz
100 places to live abroad before you die