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I Try to Persuade People to Enjoy a Vacation and Life and All They Do is Become Angry with Me

I am fishing for fun friends to come and enjoy life.

Fri, 16 Dec 2011 02:10:29

Fishing for Fun

I ate a pepporoni pizza with Ana at Baileys Restaurant here in Sosua, Dominincan Republic, for about 230 pesos it is one of the better food values. I lived in Ana house the last time we was here in Sosua, she has one of the best houses in Sosua, it is in Charamicos and right on the water.

Ana and I have become great friends, we ramble on for hours about fun subjects, and in the we often focus on the enjoyment of life. I would say Ana and I agree, the easy way to enjoy life is to boot the difficult people out the door as quickly as possible.

I have way too much time on my hands! I mean, I am think I am the most retired person on the planet. Let me think, how to explain this, I read the book,
"How to get control of your time and your life."

And, I did too good! --- Too much time.

It is hard to remember the last time I felt busy, 90 percent of my day is spent in thought, I am constantly daydreaming about fun projects. However, as a world traveler, my number one project is finding fun friends for fun conversations.

I am trying to remember a point that Ana made last night, we was talking about how all the men here in Sosua keep busy with girls.

Ana like to say,
"Bored people are boring."

Now, I have a lot of time, so I am very close to the line here, it would be possible to say I become bored, then deduce that I am a boring person.

Fountain of Youth Search
I told Ana about my search for the fountain of youth formula, and that I went to the Charamicos pharmacy with wikipedia printout of drugs yesterday. I wrote a few day about about an anti-aging formula my friend Kevin gave me

Anti Aging Formula

The formula is fun, it has testosterone in it, the male hormone, which would make me into a bigger bull. Which is probably not a good idea, but the other chemical they recommend lower or stop estrogen in the body. Magnesium and Potassium for the nerves, all in all it is suppose to try to give me the hormonal situation of a 20 year old.

The idea is this, if I have the hormones of a 20 year old in me, instead of being 56, my body would be 20, or something like that.

I told all this to Ana, and she said,
"You keep yourself happy."

I go fishing for friends who want to have fun --- and they always start talking about work.

I am searching for friend who are proatively enjoying their lives, who are not reacting to the world around them. I went out yesterday and search for the fountain of youth, I know I am not going to find it, but it was a fun mental exercise.






The other conversation in the morning with the boys in the band.

I told Ana about a conversation in the morning with my coffee club, and how everyone at the table appears to be takiing that drug above.

I am not, and that drug scare me, what is up, do they need it?

Ana said,
"They are afraid it won't work."
"They take it to guarantee they do not fail."

I said,
"They all take this, and they all was telling me specfically where to buy it here in Sosua."

-- 500 Pesos for 30 pills at the market down the road from Casa Marina.
---1000 Pesos for 30 from his friend.
--- 500 Pesos from another location.

The majority of men I meet here in Sosua take drugs like this daily.


I think they are searching for their version of the fountain of youth.

I am searching for fun, but I am also searching for friend I can respect. Ana said, it is annoying the more you know a few people, the less you like them. There are people who become better friends, and their are friends you leave.

Ana enjoys my projects, and I have endless amounts of projects, I am always searching for friends to discuss my projects.

Body Language Project - How to fish for friends?

The video above is full of insights into finding friend fast.

The video explains how our faces are the record of our lives, how all the events and experiences are recorded on our faces.

Therefore, if I study the faces of people around me, I could or would know if they had a happy life, a difficult life, their face, body language and demeaner is the statement of who they are and how they lived their life.

I am concerned about the people of the planet.

I rambled above about a lot of subjects, I am quite sure this annoys people, as often people need to be doing something of great perceived value. I enjoy my life, the extra time in my life, however, the number of people walking around the planet with a grimace on their faces is growing.

I know I am never going to change the world by writing, I am never going to make the world a better place. I write for enjoyment, pleasure, and the understanding I attain by taking my abstact thoughts and writing them in words.

Comedy is not a solution, I see disgust, anger and frustration around me. I am fine, but my search for friends who enjoy life is becoming more complicated.

People seem to want convoluted, chaotic, and craziness around them.

Well, my life is good, and the fountain of youth formula I am researching is interesting, but just for fun, not a solution, something to pass the day.

Watch the video above five times, maybe you can see that faces do tell stories, and avoiding a grimace is the secret to happiness.



Does everyone take this stuff.
Fishing for fun