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I Need to Visit China to Understand the Expats Living There

What motivates a person to live and work in China, and why will a person work in a place they would not choose to live. I need to visit China again...

 Expat in china

I have been reading about Expats living in China, it appears to me that people lower their standards, they care more about a job than quality of life.

I need to visit China for about six months to understand the story, then to hopefully understand the true story of China.

Where to retire abroad? If you was going to retire abroad, would you choose a city with 20 million people, then again, I do not believe people choose, most of the time they accidentally live where they live.

Three popular places for Expats in China:

Beijing 19,612,368
Shanghai 23,019,148
Xian 8,467,837
Guangzhou 12,700,800

The world is big, the size of cities get larger, yet for some odd reason people who have a choice, often still go to places that are obviously overpopulated. In my opinion, any city over 200-300,000 becomes too big for comfort.

Would you choose to retire abroad in city bigger than 300,000 people?



Why come to China? That's simple: the people are incredibly engaging, inquisitive, curious, and haven't lost the art of conversation (well, if you can understand what each other are saying). It's a country where you can walk into a cafe and befriend everybody in the place in about 30 seconds. Well, just so you stay out of the cities you mention above.

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