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Words to Avoid on Hobo Talk Wall, a Travel Community of

Guidelines on how to talk with friends, words to avoid, how to avoid getting banned, or deleted?

Sun, 16 Oct 2016 23:20:23

Critisize in Private


"We do not allow anonymous comments on the Hobo Travel Community."

Respect, honesty and transparency, let us talk to each other as if we are sharing Thanksgiving dinner together.

Do not talk to people want to remain strangers! We are in the process of becoming friends.

This online community allows members to meet, talk, discuss, ask questions then arrange to meet in real life. We take this serious, and want members to meet safely, with confidence. These community guidelines are for your protection.

  • Broken Windows. Where a comment is provoking, and other members start throwing at the same window, and it escalates. This comment will be deleted, and can lead members being deleted. Jumping on a broken window will get members banned.
  • Verification Process

  • Profile Photos should show a respectful likeness of the person.

  • Locations

  • Private Messages. No copy and paste messages, no sales.

  • Stars and Negative Stars

  • Membership Reviews of other Members

  • Weaving Spiders

  • Discrepancies in identification

  • Post office boxes appear in our records.

  • We will only mail 3 times to same address, before we stop.

  • False information or lies.

  • How to change false information, and change lies to correct information?

Words we frown on usage, please go slow when using them.

- Attack
- You have no right
- Stupid, dumb, idiot, etc.
- Rant
- Shout you down
- Sexist
- Perversions
- Conspiracy theory
- Racist
- Misogyny
- Nonsense
- Racist
- Pedophile
- Homophobic
- Bitch
- Atheist
- Chemtrails