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Travel Blogs

A travel journal, also called road journal or travelogue, is a record made by a voyager. Generally in diary form, a travel journal contains descriptions of the traveler's experiences, is normally written during the course of the journey, and may or may not be intended for publishing.

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30 Traveler
1000 Lonely Places
1000 Places to Fight Before You Die
Abandon the Cube
Adventure Rider (Italian)
An Ache for the Distance
Adventures in Merriness
Alex’s Travel Blog
Andy’s Blog
Ang Dakilang Lakwatsera
Anygame Anywhere
Around the World “L”
Around The World on a Toilet
As We Travel
Away We Go
Backpacker Daily
Backpacking Addictz
Backpacking Chica
Backpacking Matt
Backpacking On The Cheap
Backpacking Worldwide
Bacon is Magic
Beachcomber Pete
Bear Shaped Sphere
Beers and Beans
Beyond Backpacking
The Big Fat World
Bike 49
Bike and Boots
Breathe, Dream, Go
The Brink Of Something Else..
Brooke Vs. The World
The Brooklyn Nomad
Caffeinated Traveler
Canada’s Adventure Couple
Candy From Strangers
The Candy Trail
Casey Armstrong
Charity Travel
Charco Trip (Spanish)
Chris Around the World
Chris’ World
ClearlyEnlight’s Travel Blog
Couchsitters to Globetrotters
Culture Shock?
A Dangerous Business
Dave’s Photo & Travelblogue
Dave’s Travel Corner
Dotting the Map
Double The Adventure
Dream a Little Dream
Eat, Play, Love
Eastside Curry
Eclectic Trips
Embark Adventure Blog
Ends of Earth
Everything Everywhere Travel Blog
Escapismo Genuino (Portuguese)
The Feral Scribe
Filipina on Flip Flops
Finding The Universe
First Time Traveler
From Here To Uncertainty
Follow Our Footsteps
Foodie Budget Traveler
Finding Point B
Free and Alive
Gap Year Escape
Get Lost on Purpose
Girl Solo in Arabia
The Global Traveller
Globe Navigation
Globe Nomads
Globe Stompers
Globe Trottier
Go Backpacking
Go See Run Eat Drink
Go With The Ebb
Golden Book Traveler
The Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge
Green Around The Globe
Gringo Starr
Happy Time Blog
Have Media, Will Travel
Heather on her travels
Helen’s Travel Corner
Hello, Meet World
Here and There
Hobo Traveler
Hole in the Donut
Holes in my Soles
I Heart Travel
I Love Study Abroad -
Ian and Wendy
I’m So Glad That I’m An Island
Indian Columbus
Inside the Travel Lab
Isabel Archer
Itinerant Adventures
Itinerant Londoner
Jada and Jon…Hipster Travel Guide
Jasmine Wanders
Jeremy Arndt
Jolie Jamie
Jonathan’s Travels
Kaleidoscopic Wanderer
Katie Silcox
Killing Batteries
Kyle the Vagabond
Life of Justin
The Life Less Traveled
Living Global
Living the Dream
Le Monde
Leaving Jack Behind
Lechua Photography
Lee Abbamonte
Legal Nomads
LL World Tour
The Longest Way Home
The Lost Girls
The Lost Globe
Luc and Alison Travel
Maitravelsite’s Blog and Travelogue
Maggie Williams
Maiden Voyage
Manali + Terry
Maui Dreams
Me-Go: Around The World
Mindless Wanderings
Mom Says I’m Running Away
Monkey and Rooster
Motorcycle Memoir
Ms Traveling Pants
My Itchy Travel Feet
My Several Worlds
Mystic Sail
No Debt World Travel
No Place To Be
No Planes
Nomad 4ever
Nomadic Chick
Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site
Nomadic Notes
Notes From The Road
Old World Wandering
On The Road With Sankara
One For The Road
One Girl World
One Step 4ward
Our Crazy Travels
Our Mad World
Our New Office
Out of the Bubble…
Øyvind World Tour 2009
Our RTW Trip
Olympic Wanderings
Other Guy’s Dime
Passport to the World
Pat Traveles the World
Pathetic Pair
Pau Travels
Paul Kilfoil
Pause The Moment
Pictures of Earth
Portable Parents
Powered by Tofu
The Pursuit of Adventure
Questing for Adventure
Rambling Traveler
Ramblings of a Wandering Mind
Reflections Enroute
Rickshaw Ramblings
The Road Forks
Road Trips for Foodies
Roaming Ross
Rob and Deb – Our Way
Round We Go
Saben and Lin
Sacred Destinations
The Scribbling Nomad
Seat of Our Pants
Sending Postcards
Sharing Experiences
She’s In Love With The World
Sheila_gh’s Blog
Simpler Happier
Skip Hunt: Vagabond
Solo Female Traveler
Spunky Girl Monologues
Stadium Journey
Stop Having A Boring Life
Study Abroad Blog
The Sundowner’s List
Surrounded by the Sound
S/V Billabong
Teaching Expat
Thom and Sean’s World Trip
Three Go Global
A Threesome ‘Round Europe’
Time Of Our Lives
Todd’s Wanderings
Trail of Ants
A Travel Around The World
Travel Calling
Travel Drunk
Travel Feeder
Travel Garisha (Croatian)
Travel Go Lucky
Travel Junkie Julia
Travel Junkies
The Travel Tweeter
Travel With A Mate
Traveling Boots
The Traveling Canadian
The Traveling Giraffe
Traveling Savage
Traveling Toddler Blog
The Traveling Travel Agent
Traveler Foilo
Travels with Zen-Aida
Travels With Philip
Travels of Adam
Twenty-Something Travel
Two Backpackers
Two Beers and a Pretzel
Le Tour du Monde de Sylvain et Francois (French)
Una Chica Chiflada
Jessica Uprooted
Vagabond Quest
The VanNess Vagabonds
Vegan World Traveler
Viagem Afora (Portugese)
Viaggiatori Fai Da Te (Italian)
Virtual Wayfarer
The Voss Dufour World Tour
Walking San Francisco Bay
The Wander Life
The Wander Project
Wandering Justin
A Wandering Sole
Wandering Why
Wandering Trader
We’ve Gone Away…
Weekend Haven
What A Trip
Where is Deniss?
The Wide Wide World
Wild Junket
Without Baggage
The Working Traveller
The World By Road
The World Effect
World Walk Peace Tour
A Year In Motion
Young Snowbirds
Yellow Brick Road Trip
77 Counties

Travel Blog Hosting
Boots N All
Fuzzy Travel
Get Jealous
Globe Notes
My Trip Journal
Real Travel
STA Travel Blogs
Free Travel Blogs
Travel Post
Travelers Point
Trip n Tale
Blogging Fusion Travel Directory
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Travel Blogs

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