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TRUE or closer to correct

  • Loud
  • FAT: That we are all fat
  • Care: The USA does not care about the rest of the world.
  • When asked where we are from, we say American, or an Acronym saying the USA. The correct answer is the United States of America
  • Passport - Americans do not have passports
  • Geography - Americans do not know geography - True however either do the Europeans
  • Americanisms - Answer a question with a question.
  • I from Georgia - When asked where they are from they say the State, assuming the person knows.
  • I am from America - This is a annoying to the South American and North American people, not from the USA.


  • That people are starving in the USA because we do not have a social system like Europe
  • That we are socialist, or have a dictator. They tend to think we can do thinks like their country. Basically the president should have the same powers as a dictator
  • IMPERIALISM: That the Americans are invading the world, (The TV is doing this.)
  • IMPERIALISM: Manifest Destiny. They think we take over countries
  • FREEDOM OF SPEECH: We can shut up the president, the press, and any bad comments
  • That there is a lots of unemployment
  • That we have no culture
  • We are all atheist like them
  • That they know the USA because they went to NY city.
  • We speak Spanish
  • Because we are from the USA we are dumb
  • Americans have not traveled and therefore are not "Experienced" and in this vein of thought are therefore not experienced. This is also applied to the language learning.
  • CONSPIRACY THEORY: There is a conspiracy like the movies.
  • FAKE BOOBS: All the women in the USA have had breast Implants.
  • WORLD HATES Americans - This is not true, only the Europeans have a problem with America
  • Americans have trouble getting Visas or Entering countries

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