Transportation Problems

List of Transportation problems in the world.

There are hundreds of problem with transport or transportation, and there are no simple solutions.

List of Concepts:

  1. The world looks to America, and America does not understand the world.
  2. The Chinese have started purchasing motocycles and cars.
  3. Prioritizings of Car
  4. The politicians who could solve problem do not experience the problems.
  5. Noise pollution has rattled the minds of whole countries.
  6. Humans do not have the right away for 85 percent of the planet.
  7. Horns
  8. Speed Bumps serve as police, therefore illegal driving prevails. Speed bumps slow down traffic too slow.

Fri, 12 Nov 2010 09:49:55

A Tro Tro van passed a car in Ghana, the passenger mirror was broken. If my arm would have been outside, it could have been removed.
Transportation Problems

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