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The Person by the Bus Window Controls the Fresh Air

In hot tropical countries it is wise to choose the proper seat to stay cool, the person by the window normally has complete control, and will not help.

Window Seat

Choosing the proper seat takes experience, this small girl Ghana would not open the window, finally I needed to dominate her, and force her to keep it open.

I am lucky, I am a large enough person to have the window open, when I want the window open.

In this photo I was in a two hour tro tro trip, it is easy enough to tolerate bad conditions.

In West Africa they take showers, in East Africa is very cold because of the high altitude, often the people stink, there are many reasons.

  1. Smells
  2. Air
  3. To take photos
  4. To vomit
  5. To escape quickly


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