I Left Kara And Now In Kande Togo West Africa

Transportation Between Cities in Africa.

I Left Kara and now in Kande Togo

I had a very simple trip from Kara to Kente, Togo, I believe I have finally learned how to make travel in Africa easy. The best trip, the most enjoyable require no planning and only a brief gander at a map.

(Kente is the name, not the Kande on the map.)

Kande Togo


I more or less take extremely cheap group taxis between cities, I get pick up in from of my Hotel, and dropped in front of the new Hotel at my destination. On this trip, I did not wait for longer than five minutes at any location, a no planning, no map, flag down a taxi trip for 5 dollars, and 55 kilometers.

Kente, Togo is a small meandering dusty city close to the Nadoba, Togo / Boukoumbe, Benin border crossing. My Hotel room is much better than my room in Kara, which was a 30 dollars per night, which I got for free, I did not pay. It was luxury, but not and easy to make friends places to live, but apartment living always means you live alone.

This Hotel is 6 dollars per night, fun, and the owner even cooks a great egg sandwich, I am in the Auberge la Cloche. The more I think about it, I should stay here for a week, the owners educations level is exceptional, I can learn French with his language skills. It is wonderful to hear a person talk the way I learn to say the word, and not with the local sloppy methods.

The 22 Year Old Black Babe
It probably helped my opinon of Kente and the Hotel, that at about 7:00 pm, a 22 year old black babe knocked on my door saying,
“Do you want to go for walk.”
- Promenade in French.

The written word here is only one-third the story, if you watch the videos of mine you will discover interesting tourist type information that is fun to video, and boring to write about.

Andy Graham
Kente a.k.a. Kende Togo West Africa
February 7, 2013

Thu, 7 Feb 2013 03:06:33

Location of Kante, Kande Togo, West Africa

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