Grand Bassam Cote d'Ivoire to Lome Togo

Travel options Grand Bassam Cote d'Ivoire to Lome Togo - Transportation Between Cities

Grand Bassam, Cote d'Ivoire / Ivory Coast to Lome, Togo

Distance: 400 Miles

Actual Travel Time: by Land is at least 10 hours of transport and 4 hours for border crossing, absolute minimum time is 15 hours.

Time to Purchase Tickets: To enter Abidjan from Grand Bassam and return is at least four hours travel time.

Visas: If I fly, I do not need a Visa, I can get 10 days on entry into Lome, if I go by land, I need at least a transit visa for Ghana.

Do I want to see "Land" between Locations? Yes

Five Options:

1. Plane from Abidjan to Lome or plane to Accra.
- Estimation of time and travel cost to Lome with Plane
- 400 Dollars for the plane
- 6 Hours to buy ticket- 8 hours to go to airport, fly and land and get to Hotel:? 14 Hours Total
400 + 14 Hours

2. STC bus from Abidjan to Accra, then land to Lome
- 6 Hours to purchase ticket - 3 hour to get to Abidjan to board bus, 12 hours to Accra - 3 hours to Lome, 1 hour for border crossing? 25 Hours
The big problem with this, I cannot guarantee the bus has AC and does not stop for every person on the road. I do not care what they say, there is no guarantee of these two variable in West Africa.
- Guessing 25 Dollars
25 + 19 Hours plus six to purchase ticket.

3. Public Transportation in car, bus.
2 Hours to Aboisso - 2 hours to Ghana Border:
- Cost 5000 CFA or 10 Dollars

4. Buy all Seats in Public Transportation Car / Buy just the front two passenger seats.
- There are two size of car, the smaller 1/4 passenger, and the larger station wagons 1/7. They will often put three people in the front, so you could add one more, and in bad situations they will put as many as possible, maybe four in the front, six in the middle. To buy the whole car could be complex, probably easier to buy just the front seat for double the price of the one fare, and allow the driver to be crazy in the rear of the car. Stopping for passengers can take hours because they often need to load food, or rice of goods on the top of the vehicle.

5. Combination of Taxi and public transportation
- Taxi to Ghana Border from Grand Bassam is 30,000 CFA or 60 Dollars US and 80 Miles, maybe two hours.
I am estimating, but if a car cost 1500 per passenger, then the math should be 6000 and 9000 for large station wagon to Aboisso.

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Transport Grand Bassam to Lome

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