Bus Seat


Bus Seat

Bus seats in buses can be very uncomfortable or sometime very comfortable, I always try to choose a seat about seven to eight rows back behind the bus driver, or maybe about 10 feet from the television if there is a television on the bus, but most of all I want to be behind the front wheels of the bus, and definitely not at the back. The up and down motion in the back of the bus will make a person car sick or motion sick, and always feels like a smoother ride in the middle of bus toward the front.

Donut Pillows:

Air or Stuffed I like the stuffed ones better, but they are hard to carry in my backpack, I have been considering having one made of cloth that I could stuff with socks or t-shirts so I could wrap around my neck. The reason a donut pillow for your neck is nice is because it keeps your head from falling to the left or the right and causing a neck pain. A very good bus may have these types of pillows, I have only seen them in Thailand so far.

Bed Cama or Seats that turn into beds.

The best buses I have every encountered are in Peru or Bolivia and they have seats that will totally turn into a bed, or as close as you can get in a bus.

Seat belts.

Most buses do not have seat belts but if you do have one it can help you to keep from sliding down in the bus and hold you in place while you sleep.

Theft on bus - I say this at every chance, do not under any condition put your bags above the seat in the rack as this is probably the number one place for theft in travel. I put below my seat and if in real fear, I put my foot through the strap.

Do not get on a bus where you have no seat you will stand the whole time.

Do not sit in the back or you will be bothered by the smell of the toilet and people walking and leaving the toilet during the trip. Note that in some countries they do not have toilets on buses, it appears that the whole country will not when they decide it is the standard.

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