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Hobos Meeting on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala in January and February 2020

Andy Lee Graham invites you to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, one of the paradise climates on the planet.

Fri, 17 Dec 2010 00:48:54

Free Call 1-260-577-0343 Hello,

I am Andy Lee Graham of the social network, Travel Blogger. Join Hobo Traveler members as we meet-up on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala in January, and February of 2020.

  1. Driver will pick you up at Guatemala airport, and take you to Lake Atitlan.

  2. Andy Lee Graham will meet you, and help you settle into a Hotel. 

100 Dollars for Airport Pickup
200 Dollars for Airfare - Live Abroad Seminar
15-16 January

Free for Verified Members: Join Now 

Free Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Travel itinerary

Monday 9:30 Day Trips

Tuesday 9:30 Starters

Wednesday 9:30 Day Trips

Thursday 9:30 Starter

Friday 9:30 Day trips


Saturday Barbeque

Sunday Barbeque

Day Trips - All trips are 3-6 hours on the lake.

San Marcos - Russ Hotel Dragon

Santa Catarina

San Pedro Chocolate

San Pero Coffee


Slow Boat around the lake

Mayan cave

Jaibalito, Ven Aca



Dinner Get Togethers

Thursday 7:30 Chinitas

Sunset Restaurant dinner

Special Trips

Indian Nose

Starter Trips

Solola market

Panajachel market
Panajachel Walking tour

Jucanya Expat Homes

Visit 3 Apartments

Walking, and Jogging

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham