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Tourist Trap is Taking Over the World

The Tourist Trap mentality is taking over the world - Tourist Traps

Mon, 1 Oct 2012 06:33:17

The Tourist Trap Mentality is spreading worldwide at ever increasing speeds.

I am trying to arrange visas and plane tickets today. I will travel from Guatemala to USA, USA to Thailand, and Thailand to Ghana, Africa. 5-10 years ago it was simple, I could buy a plane ticket, check my bag, have lunch on the plane and upon landing, I got a visa on arrival. I could stay as long as  wanted, and visa renewals were easy. Budgeting was easy, now I read the listed price, and double it for unexpected expenses, the fine print now has children, and grand children.

Tourist Trap

What is the tourist trap mentality? It is easier to understand when it happens to you, it is when an airline, restaurant, tourist attraction, hotel, or visa application systems has you confused, and you say,
"Where did that fee come from?"
"Why the extra cost?"

Somehow, somewhere, out of the blue it cost more money than you thought, there is mission fee creep, the budget is blown to pieces, they know you will use plastic to pay, you have no choice between you are in the tourist trap.

The Tourist Trap Mentality: The tourist trap mentality is the willful desire to nick, and gouge you, to charge you money, they do not care about repeat business. The consumer believes they can make the decision on their own, then when then when the are taken advantage of, they keep their mouths closed, never admitting they made a bad decision.

Airlines are tricky.
- I have no simple way to know the cost of my luggage... I must have United States dollars in my pocket to pay for airport exit fees because they do not even take the money of their own country, they only take dollars. You arrive at the airport, the airline will not allow you on the plane without an onward ticket. The country does not care, but the airline "Tourist Traps" my money.

Hotels are tricky.
- Reservation fees, cost to use Internet, the transportation that was free, it not 25 dollars, the cost grows while you sleep.

Restaurants are tricky.
- The price is 18, and you pay with a 20, then learn their is no change, you owe more because of a 20 percent tip added automatically to the bill.

Visa Applications
- Impossible situations to understand. I went the Ghana Embassy in Togo, West Africa to get a visa to Ghana. The person said,
"You need to return to the USA to apply for visa."
She said,
"We change the rule a week ago."

Slide a finger across the screen and Pay

The easier it is the more you pay, the world wants you to make spontaneous stupid decisions to spend money.


1. Pay cash, do not put credit or debit cards on file.

2. Ask the price, and refuse to pay extra.

3. Have the correct change, pay exactly what they listed.

4. Ask questions 3-5 times of the company, call the airlines three times, asking the questions in many way.

5. Find the prices yourself, then go hire a travel agent to help you pay the same or less.

6. Take money from the ATM machine, and pay all business with cash, so you will not return home to find extra cost on your card, with no recourse.

7. Refuse to pay. 

A Hospital in USA Story:

My friend in the USA in the Hospital for roughly 20 days, they wanted 120,000 USD for just the hospital stay, that did not include the doctors.
He said to me,
"That was the most expensive hotel on the planet.

6000 USD per day.

He refused to pay, and they lowered it to 15,000.

Bottom line, refuse to pay the world with the tourist trap mentality.

Thank you,
Andy Graham


Tourist Trap is Taking Over World