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Greetings from hmmm? I am Here

Like the photo I took of an Iraqi Tank taken just south of Baghdad Iraq?

Tours for the crazy or who really want an adventure. Warning these tours are dangerous.

Iraq - Amazon River - Afghanistan - Colombia

This is for the person that want to see for themselves the truth!

I will take you there, as I like adventure and have visited most of these places. My last being Iraq. I am presently Click Here. I have been traveling the world for 7 plus years.

I, Andy offer private guided Adventure and Eco-Tours for 1-4 people. In an adventure tour you safety is priority one, and after we focus to educate on the local history, culture, customs, and ways of life.

WHO is this for?
This is for the person that cannot stand the package tours. A person that want to explore, and create a memory. If you go the money, but maybe are short of time, you work too much and need a person to take care of all the problem. I will go with you or up to 4 people total. I will arrange everything and help you make decisions.

How much money?

500 dollars per day net to Andy the HoboTraveler.com plus and round trip ticket to the place.
(I will pay for my room, everything else you pay for.)

This is for 1-4 people, more or less so we can fit into a taxi.

For that I will be your personal guide. I will go to the place ahead of you and live for no daily cost to prepare for your arrival. You only pay for the days I am with you at the destination.

But please remember all tours are custom tailored to your dreams.

I have traveled the world for 7 plus years. If you want help going to Afghanistan, or what you consider dangerous than I am you guide. I am looking for people that wish to explore. I am qualified for the world. I can take you to the Amazon River, Machu Picchu or a just a private Tour of Europe, I do thing for fun also, but for the really adventuresome we can go to exotic locations in Africa, or go talk with drug smugglers in Colombia.

No adventure too dangerous or too far.

Andy the HoboTraveler.com
"Life is Good"

TYPES OF TOURS AVAILABLE: Anywhere you wish, even in less than 2 day notice!

Dangerous and fun!

I am always traveling, so I will need to hop a plane from some strange place.

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