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Toilets and Showers of Travel

Toilets and Showers of Travel as encountered and explained by a world traveler.

Tips by Andy

  Hot Water Cooker
Note that I am writing this because of squat toilets.


  Disinfect your clothes (Heating Water)
  Alcohol Cookers

  How to steal toilet paper?

10 Ways to Find a Toilet That is Free When Traveling 

Stand in washbasin if possible to cover body with water.
Bend over and you can wash your armpits and face easy, most of East Africa only washes face during day.
Ask the hotel to heat the bucket of water that normally accompanies the plastic washbasin.
Make sure you have some form of dipper.


1-5 Gallon bucket or container
Drinking cup to use as dipper
One cup electrical cooker, if possible it is best to have one meter of cord to allow it to be plugged into high outlets.
250 Watt heating units are best, this will allow you to use in outlets to not blow fuses.
Extension cord and adapters to make the electrical cooker function.

Use a one cup coffee cooker or in some countries large ones are available.
Buy a 220 one and it will work in 110 countries.
It requires about five minutes per one gallon to heat the water.
If possible, set a timer that rings to alert you the water is heated.
Wear shoes when plugging in the electric hot water cooker.
Use gloves or a rag to hold the plug when plugging into outlet.
Unplug heater before removing from water.
All but one half or one inch of the heating unit must be in the water or it will burn up.
It is best to keep cold water close enough to dilute water that is too hot.
Touch the sides of the bucket, it will heat from the top down, there is a level where the water is adequately heated.
You need to stir the water by taking the top very hot water off the top and pouring towards the bottom of the container.
Never completely immerse the heating unit in the water, if you do by accident you must allow to completely dry or risk burning up the unit.
Five gallons of water weighs a lot, you may not be able to lift.
To take a dip shower you may need to bend over up to get a dipper up to 50-100 times.
The dipper needs a handle so you can dip or stir what can be very hot water without putting your hand in the water.

Pour water over you head and allow fresh water to fall back into the bucket.
Wet from your head down, the water flowing down your body will allow you to conserve water.
Extremely hot water kills germs, the hotter the water the healthier.

Start with shampoo in your hair and allow the soap to flow down your body.
Do not rinse until you are complete finished with cleaning your body.

Take an 8 ounce cup and pour down on the top of your head, you need to work from the top to the bottom.
Wag like a dog to make water fall off your body, if possible brush your teeth, do any type of bathroom function before using towel.


  1. Smells coming into room because drains do not have traps.

  2. Keep Mosquitoes from entering main room.

  3. Sounds of water going down drains.

  4. Less air to keep air conditioned.

  5. Cockroaches will stay in the drain and not in the room.

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