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Your Brain Is Growing From All That Thinking - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Your brain is growing from all that thinking Hello Diane,

Thanks for the comments on this link about Africa or Togo. https://www.hobotraveler.com/2007/05/primitive-and-uncivilized.html Answer Below Name: Diane
Country: USA Andy, It-s obvious that you are using your time in Africa to think. Your recent blogs are very thoughful and therefore are making me think. You have an interesting concept about the consumer goods covering our tribal natures. When you were talking about the primitive tribe behaviors, not love but need, and pushing out the one that does not reciprocate your need. My first thought was, how complex is our world that those primitive cultures still exist along side say New York city or Paris. Moderm cultures with their intricate manners and mores. The contrast between those Africa stories and for example highly intelligent and sophisticated stories such as Theroux-s novels or Woody Allen-s movies. Then I remembered what those works were about, serial wives, greed, social backstabbing, sucking up to the boss? Is it really that different? Diane Hello, I think to understand our shadows and then accept they exist is the first stop to understanding about people. I have unfortunately seen my shadow and dark side to closely and now can appreciate my light side. Personally, I have the most fun being more primitive, however not as primitive enough to watch a soap opera. Andy in Atakpame, Togo West Africa May 2007 Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com
https://www.hobotraveler.com/blogger.html 2007-05-14

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