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Young Woman Traveling Alone To Mali - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Young woman traveling alone to Mali Name: Beverley
Country: USA

My 30 yr old female neice is planning to travel alone thru Mali. How
safe is that and do you have any recommendations and/or advice for a
young woman traveling solo? Thanks. Aunt Bev. ANSWER: Not much advice, Mali is maybe safer for women then men, this is a very sexist country, that means they basically consider women inferior, and less than a person. This means you do not threaten their egos and life is easy for you. Bamako is a modern city and easy, not a lot of problems. The men of Africa will want to have you, have sex with you, and the fat girls on the planet love this place. If you are fat and ugly, then better to be careful of your motives. This is a culture where you need to put out, have sex and no games. Stop being PC or doing the right thing, trust your own fears, and forget this idea that they are poor and need your help. Other than that, go and enjoy, if you got invited by a Mali boy over the internet, than this is extremely stupid to go. Choose your hotels, hook up with Peace Corps, they will babysit and help you. Rasta guys are bums. Young woman traveling alone to Mali

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