You Need To Read Email When Traveling Togo - Tips

You Need to Read Email when Traveling Togo I am amazed, even astounded at the lack of professional management of email when a person travels. I will be writing a person regularly and one day the person goes on vacation. Somehow the excuse they are on vacation, relieve them of the responsibility of answering email. They will go to great lengths to make sure they are available by phone, then ignore the need to check the email. Priority of peoples awareness, and NOT the way it should be, all should be at equal priority level to be a pro. 1. Go to the home or business 2. Telephone 3. Fax 4. Email 5. Written Letters Andy in Lome, Togo waiting for people, i am in Togo, they are where? July 2007 You Need to Read Email when Traveling Togo

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