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Worried Currency Map - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Hello Eric,
Wondeful map, and shows the pegged money.
Shanghai Cooperation Organization - Wow, they control some money.?
What is now funny or difficult for the traveler. The CFA the money of Togo, etc is pegged to the Euro. Therefore, I was very worried the second time I cam to Africa about having money. I went to the bank in Thailand and purchased a lot of Euros. I was carrying about 1000 Euros, well the Euro is difficult to exchange here and dollars are easy. I am now carrying dollars.
This is the problem of travel, the guides, the information is created on webpages logically and what you would think, then there is the truth. A person need to carry dollars in West Africa for the most part. It may be that Senegal and Gambia, more of the Europe destinations are now using Euros, I do not know. Travelers Checks on the planet are just an annoyance. I use the ATM. I will need to go North in Togo, then return to Lome to stock up on Money.
I can get money in the major port type cities of Africa, then I can go north or as far as my money leads, the go back to the ocean and the big cities and get money from bank machines. I then carry dollars as my backup.
If ok, I will slowly incorporate this map and others into a money explanation page.
This link is the index page on the issue of money for HoboTraveler.com and all information relevant to money are suppose to start here
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Hi Andy,

Ever since your post "Numbers of Groups of People" that looked at the world
in terms of money connections. I looked at Wikipedia, CIA factbook and
elsewhere and made a world map based on the five most used currencies and
who uses them, and who has their currencies pegged to them, and widely
accepted. Pretty interesting view.

I also added the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, as a curiosity, and is a
growing entity on the world political and economic scene. You may or may not
have heard of it.

If somehow the future means consolidating currencies like Europe on a broad
scale. This may be a scenario. I could be wrong, but fun anyhow.

The file was only 45k so I've attached it. It's a .png file.


Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com

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