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Where Is The Best Place To Start A Never Go Home Travel Trip - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

STARTING a "Never go home trip."

What you have to do is learn the rope or correctly you will get financially raped or bad advice. I recommend you go to one of the following locations. Live for a minimum of one month before you leave. Keep looking for cheaper and cheaper rooms and negotiate rooms.

You should be able to get a room in any of these locations for less than 2 dollars per day. Food cost is cheap if you stay off the beer and look for a kitchen to cook yourself.

Panajachel Guatemala or Lago Atitlan
A great place to retire - Volcanoes

Otavalo Ecuador or Quito Ecuador
Go to the old part of Quito and stay. NOT the new.
Otavalo is touristy but very cheap.

Arequipa Peru or La Paz Boivia
Both these cities are nice and easy.

Bangkok Thailand - Khao San Road
Go to the opposite end than the Wat or Temple
and there are tons of cheap hotels.

Phnom Penh - Anywhere near Lakeside Hotel

Palolem Beach Goa India
(Almost anywhere in India)

Katmandu Nepal - Best for Asia

China - I am sure there are places, but the language
is more difficult.

Best choices are Panajachel, Guatemala, Quito
Ecuador and Bangkok Thailand.
South and Central America is more cultural and
Asia is more about Sex and Drugs - Religious quest

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