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Warn When Email Bigger Than 500 Kilobytes Togo - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Warn When Email Bigger than 500 Kilobytes Togo For a Global Business person, please try to have empathywith 80 percent of the planet that does not have a high speed connection. High Speed connections are rare on the planet, and many small business have trouble with an email bigger than 100 kilobytes, and when larger than 500 kilobytes you need to give a warning or notice. I recommend you send one email announcing the arrival of a new attachment or email that is over 500 Kilobytes in size, upon acknowledgement of the size and acceptance that this is proper, then you can send. Problem? If you do not announce, the internet provider may block, the person may have a filter to block, there are many options that could happen. The important business deal or correspondence is never received, and goes to a black hole, as you wait for a response that may never come. Warn When Email Bigger than 500 Kilobytes Togo

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