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Hello Ashley,
I just left Bangkok, I am now in Nepal.
I have no idea on this question presently, I am normally annoyed with Volunteer places as the majority to me appears to be scam ways to make money and not to help.
Andy in Katmandu, Nepal January 2007
Name: ashley
Country: Canada
Hi Andy,
I know you were just in Bangkok, so I wanted to ask about short-term volunteer opportunities there if you came across any.
I am completing teacher-s college in Ontario, Canada, and have to volunteer in May.
I want to travel to SE Asia to do this.
I am having a difficult time finding NON-profit, short-term placements or organizations that cater to this.
Do you know of any great non-profit place to volutneer in SE asia?

Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com

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