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Volunteer Work In Mongolia Self Service Vicky - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Volunteer work in Mongolia Self Service Vicky Question: England

Hi Andy

I'd like to do some travelling and voluntery work in Mongolia. I don't
want to go through a company ie gap or i to i and pay a large fee. Do
you know of any organisations I can get in touch with where I'm paying a
few pounds a day for food and board and none of the 'admin' fees
associated with these big companies. I've found web sites easy enough for
South America etc but struggling to find anything for Mongolia. Thanks

Vicky ANSWER: I do not think Mongolia is a country where they have a lot of Volunteer Workers. It is a proud country, more working and less mooching. I have traveled for 10 years, I do not know one Volunteer Agency on the planet I would recommend. If I wanted to Volunteer, I woulld Volunteer for the Red Cross. Take care because I have never found a voluteer agency that was effective and honese, some are honest and do nothing I think best to go to country, stay about three months and try to work.

Volunteer work in Mongolia Self Service Vicky

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