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Visa Requires Onward Plane Ticket For Rosie - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

QUESTION Visa Requires Onward Plane Ticket for Rosie

Category: Visa Questions Name: rosie
Country: England Message:
my name is rosie im planning to start travelling in about 6 weeks and i am unsure of what to do about countries that require proof of onward travel as i didnt want to plan too much when i leave or where to. can i ask what you do in these countries thx v much
rosie ANSWER: This answer to this question changes for every country you visit and for ever nationality. The rules for a person from Ecuador are not the same for a person from England. The big problem is getting on the Airplane, the test is with them, talk to the Airlines and see if they want the onward ticket. They may always say yes and never ask for it. However, if you get on the planet, you will probably enter the country you want to visit. Ground Travel, I have never been asked for an onward ticket when entering a country by land, however possible. There there is the problem of proof, I have given up, the only way to do this is to fake or have a fake ticket made in some circumstances, they do not check England hard, Here is a link to read

Another one on Thailand:
Visa Requires Onward Plane Ticket for Rosie

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