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Usa Foreign Entry Requirements - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Hello Chris,
This information for American on what is required as permission to enter a country or the Foreign Entry Requirements is good.
This site is step TWO, do not just trust this site above.
There is very good information in this link, I have had this page copied on my computer for years, the silly makers of the page change the link, and I have to continually update my pages where I have this link, they do not make re-directs. very bad webmaster the USA government has.
Ok, this is a good page.

Yet, still in many ways, a pig in a poke, and not the true story, note if you want the better story, or better information go to an HONEST Travel Agent and they have something in their system that can tell you better, but do NOT trust an Agent, it is a guide.
Example: This is what this page says on Togo:

TOGO - *Passport and visa required. All types of visas (except diplomatic) require 3 application forms, 3 photos, proof of sufficient funds, and $45 to $100 fee. For information on fees and additional visa related requirements, contact the Embassy of the Republic of Togo, 2208 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20008 (202/234-4212/3). Internet: www.visatogoabroad.com
What the better way to Enter Togo as a USA Citizen is...
Fly to Togo, come to the MAIN Land Borders of Togo, they will give you a 7 day Visa for 15,000 CFA, about 30 USA dollars. Then in Lome, you go to the office near the GTA building and they will give you another Visa from 30-90 days. Now here is the kicker, they gave me a 1 year, multiple entry Visa for no extra cost.
I am trying to make a blog post explaining all of this, I FLEW to Abidjan, Ivory Coast last time, because Americans get a Visa on arrival.. I THINK, not sure for 60 days, then did my Visa applications, Ghana is a cheap Flight, but getting the Visa req a lot of work, Cote d'Ivoire / Ivory Coast is the best entry place or maybe Togo for Americans, but the most expensive is Togo, then Ivory Coast and then Ghana.
Bottom line is a person from the USA can fly to Togo or Ivory coast without a Visa, they just get on the plane, however they better be carrying the rules with them or the airlines in the USA may not allow them on the plane, the USA airlines are some of the worst on sticking to rules, that they do not understand.
So, this page is great to start, but is totally lacking at the end of the day, and can cost you thousands of dollars if you do not go further.
Solution? I am not sure how to find the solution, but there are entry points to all Continents, it is the tourist that get hacked by their Travel Agents that is the bad part, Travel Agents cause a lot of expense for Tourist that is not needed.
I just do not know, there is a need for the embassy pages to go farther, and add more information, however you have 311 x 311 combinations of rules as every rule is applied different for every country.
Andy in Lome, Togo March 2007

Hi Andy,

This is the "Bonus Site Of The Week" from Johnny Jet's newsletter. He forgot the link and it took me a half hour to find it. Pretty good:


- Chris
Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com

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