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Troy Dating - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Hello Troy,

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Hello Andy,
I had read before where most of the women you date are around 30 years old
and you are around 50. Is this true in most of the places you have
visited? Do you get a new girlfreind in each area you visit? I am single
and a teacher and plan on traveling more in the summers once I get my grad
degree and just wanted some advice from someone who really knows. I am 45
Thank you,
Yes, I am 51 now, however very easy for me to pass for 35, I guess I do not look 51.
The women I date are normally between 20 and 30 and a few between 30 and 35.
A complicated subject strewn with problems of two culture, the 80 percent of the planet culture and maybe the American culture. Age is primarily an issue in the USA, not normally an issue in any county, except by me. I do not want to date an immature person, and many times a girl of 20 in Africa can be as mature as 30 year old American, depending on their responsibilities.
The world likes older men, who have enough money to support them and has stopped being jerks. Younger men in many countries are drinking, carousing and too unstable for women. If you are a developing country, about 80 percent of the planet, financial security equates as love.
It is very easy to date women, especially if you have an American, British, Australia, New Zealand, German, and most parts of European passports.
I have blue eyes, and blond hair, in a world full of brown eyes and brown skin, I am different and I like they are different from me.
I think the nice part about women overseas it they love men, they do not see us as the competition or the enemy, they are on our side, and we are on their side. American men and most Western men are known to be monogamous and not beat their wives, this reputation helps also.

No, I do not get a new girlfriend in every place, I date around the same as you would in a western country. Many of the Asian cultures are very difficult and consider white people trash, Hindus from India cannot date non Hindus or they could get hurt or killed, it more or less can besmirch their reputations.
I do not drink.
Andy in Lome, Togo West Africa
Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com

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