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Trip From Coca To Iquito - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Trip from Coca to Iquito Name: Andrea Puentes Jaramillo
Country: Chile Message:
Hi, My name is Andrea... I-m Chilean and...me and my friend will take the bus to COca tomorrow because we wanna go to Iquitos by boat...
We readed your blog...and it-s really helpfull but we still have some questions: 1.we need to bring our food for the trip between Pantoja and Masan...or can we cook??? -we have a camping little thing to cook(cocinilla en espaƱol)-...or they will give us some rice and beans...? 2. Any special recomendation or advice for "woman traveling"????? we are two girls... thank you Andrea sorry for my english...I hope you can understand!! Website Name:
Website URL: http://atravesarelviento.blogspot.com ANSWER:


First there are more answers here:
https://www.hobotraveler.com/helpcenter/category/peru/ Cooking? I am 90 percent sure you will find food the world eats, therefore there is always food where there are humans. I try to pack some rice, and chicken powder to flavor the rice, the I cook a stomach full of somthing food, then usealcohol as fuel. I think a Hammock is a necessity, you will need on the one boat. Girls, Chile is good training for any girl, so I think you will be ok. There was one small Military Post at the border with too many men. I think best to not go drink at night with them, or be very careful, the percentage of men a the Military base area is too high, they may fight over you two. Find a Man William Grimes when you get to Iquitos and say hello from Andy from the USA. Trip from Coca to Iquito

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