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Travelling Between Countries - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Traveling Between Countries
Answer below question Name: Johan Norén
Country: Sweden Hello, I have traveled a lot but mostly to one or two countries at a time and then back again. Now I wonder after reading your tremendous FAQ but not finding the answer, do you have a lot of struggle to get visas for each country you travel to? How long can you stay in each country (about) before having to get to the next because of a visa running out? Regards

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Answer: Hello Johan, This question is more easily answered by continent and under the assumption you are from Western Europe, USA, Canada or Australia, the other countries of the planet can mainly only travel on their continent easy. I am from the USA, Sweden has about the same status. Mexico, Central and South America normally at the border. USA is difficult Europe is funny, I think I could just move there and live, and never worry again, I am just allowed in and sometimes I worry, do I ever have to leave? Asia is 50/50 the poorer the country the more difficult. Go to Hong Kong to get the visa to China and go to Thailand to get the visa to Cambodia, Laos and so forth. South of Thailand is easy. Middle east is generally easy. Africa is a mess, and careful planning is needed on visa to travel by land, but once you are here, and if you go slow, you can generally follow the path you want to take. India is before you enter, Nepal is easy. Russis is difficult from the Mongolia side, easy from the Finland and Estonia side, but still more complicated than some countries. Satellite nations of Russian, I do not know them, I am told by Stellan a bicycle person from Sweden, if I enter into Kyrgyzstan, I can move around and continually get the visas. Generally the minimum is 30, and normal is 60 days, the bigger the country, the longer the visa. I suppose what is needed is where to start. Mexico to Argentina not important, but cheapest to start is Quito, Ecuador.
Middle East - Turkey
West Africa is Abidjan, Ivory Coast, or Accra Ghana, or Morocco overland down.
Central Africa would be Ethiopia or Kenya
South Africa
Asia is Thailand first, Bangkok is the center of Asia.
Nepal is easy, then enter India
Russia from Estonia
Hong Kong or below Singapore Look at this page and I have it saved as on my computer so I can study when I wish.

Contrary to all the rules you read, there is almost always a way to enter a country, they have a way, the rules of onward tickets, etc are very seldom enforced, this is why to start in the above locations, and learn as you go. Andy in Atakpame, Togo West Africa May 2007
Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com
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