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Togo Water Is Good - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Hello Chris, Water purification to me seems almost a none issue here in Togo, there is not a big problem with water purification. I think Mexico is the worst water on the planet. Every village has a Water Tower and, orsome system good system for drinking water, they do a great job of keeping the drinking water separated from the sewer water. When you carry water, nomally it is good, when you have piped systems to the homes, then it can be bad because it seeps in ground water and with sewer. They do not store water on the roof in tanks or allow to become putrid form sitting, water is very fresh, I do not have to worry much about a big black tank on the roof full of algae and all sorts of other funky things like in Asia or South and Central America. The water purification is not a big problem in the countries I have visited in West Africa. Thank you,
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