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Togo Investing - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Gary, I have a Togo girlfriend.. go figure... Ok, the girl works in a bank, has here own apartment, which is very unusual. She uses mosquito spray because the cost is 800 Francs and a mosquito net cost 2000 Francs. She earns about 1200 Francs per work day, or about 30,000 Franc salary per month. The room or one room apartment does not have electricity, she has a kerosene lantern and LED Flashlight. Chris is sending me a care package with a15 US Dollar solar panel, I will know the exact price soon, they are cheap and can be purchased in mass on ebay cheap, I think for 10 US

Multi-Purpose Solar Panel / Battery Charger
http://windupradio.com/solarpanel.htm I can buy a 12 Volt Motorcycle battery here for about 10 US with a light Cost to have solar light in the home here: 12 for Solar Panel 10 for Battery and Light 10 for shipping and export - import, customs etc. 10 for profit to sell 42 US a person can have a couple of light in one room and never pay an electric bill, I do not think they want lights, I think they want music, and there is maybe 12 Volt music here. Chris will send this soon, it is an interesting proposition. Will a person pay one months wages or two to have electric lights in home? I know, she will not pay the cost now, it about 120 US to have the lights installed, and then she will need to pay the monthly bill of maybe 4 dollars. so say about 150-160 for the first year or they need to work half the year to have electricity. This is a rent to own business... hehehe They would give 4 dollars and pay monthly easily, this is how they sell Motorcycles in the world, hard to believe it works. I just remembered, the competition is this rechargeable battery with a light, I will price that, I think it cost about 4 dollars, this is the amount they would pay to have electricity. Andy in Atakpame, Togo West Africa May of 2007

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