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Togo Hotel Shower And Toilet Smells - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Togo Hotel Shower and Toilet Smells Solution: Dump bucket of water down the shower drain. Sometimes the Hotel room or shower, toilet, restroom will smell, take a bucket of water and dump down the drain to clear the pipe. Often there is not a trap in the drain below the sink and for sure not in the Togo shower drains. The smell comes from the drain pipe. A short term solution is to fill the pipe with water, if the smell is very bad, and persist, allow the water to run. Not too loud and do not allow to run when you are not in the room. The owner will not like this, and if the water plug you can flood your room. Note, the only good reason I know for a owner to have access to a concrete room is to shut off the water you allowed to run, all the other reasons seem bogus. Togo Hotel Shower and Toilet Smells

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