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Togo Cost Of Shipping - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Hello Chris, Try to think this way, The cost of something you send is 22 dollars per pound 315 plus 25 is 340
Divide by 15 pounds is 22 dollars per pound.

Anything you send is weight, the cost is weight, if their cost is say from 10-15 kilos or 5-10 pounds, then going over one pound can cost a lot. Every piece you send me is 22 dollar per pound, light is good, if anyway shape or form, I can get something to work here it is better, they shipped the batteries here from China I will use in a big boat container. Thanks ANDY IN Atakpame Togo West Africa May 2007 I went to DHL here and they estimate for a 15 lb. package it would cost $315 (insured) + 25 packaging which they insist they do. Delivery time is 2 days + a day in Customs (said the guy that thought Africa was a country, then later that Lome was a country). Anyway, he got competent info over the phone with direction from me. The only restriction is that against importation of radar, routinely made by our government. Also the warning about a High Fraud status for Togo. Customs will likely open the package to inspect the contents, but then DHL will deliver it to the Galion Hotel, or wherever you say.

For comparison, the quote for USPS is $110 + insurance fee with a delivery time of 10 days. Presumably add to that the Customs clearance day.

I specified the contents were all personal possessions or gifts for Customs there. No packaging on your stuff.

BTW, I got you some sturdy mosquito netting cut from a roll 1 yd wide and 3 yds long. Rolled it up tight, pretty small and put it in the stuff sack with the 12V (10W) fan. Figured you could tape or nail it over windows for screening. Was cheap. OK?

- Chris Thank you,
Andy 2007-05-09