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Togo 220 Gas Generator Purchased - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Togo 220 Gas Generator Purchased Hello Chris I purchased a small Gas powered Electric generator for 70 US or 35,000 CFA here in Lome, Togo in the Decon Area. It will output 220 Volts, 12 Volts andand has a socket to do the Cell phone. So I could charge a 12 Volt battery right from the Generator. It works good, however makes a lot of noise and I now need to buy or make an 12-14 guage extension cord to run from a distance to my room. I also have to worry about rain and people stealing, however small and I just bring into my room to keep them from stealing. I guess I need to buy another dog chain and lock, the noise is pretty loud and I am not sure how to muffle it The great part is I was staying in a hotel for 6,000 CFA per night, I moved to a better room for 2000 and now I save 4000 per day, and in 10 days I will pay for the generator with the savings, it appears I could easily use about 1000 CFA to 2000 CFA per day for 8 percent oil mixed with gas from the pump here. Togo 220 Gas Generator Purchased

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