To Make Money Your Site Has To Be Fat Not Long On Comments - Tips

To make money your site has to be fat not long on comments I was just on a blog with 96 comments posted, there were about 20 different topics. This is 20 times off-topic and really not on-topic. One topic and on post, one file or one URL. The brutal fact is this, one page or one file will not make you rich, it would be nice if I could type one page and the world would send it virally forwarded around the planet, and I keep trying, but so far with 3400 post, it has not happened. But if someone told me years ago, I needed to get fatter, not longer, I would have been happy. We want readers to comment, somehow they need to make new URL or new files, so the site grows in files. Interaction is the secret to money, the readers add content, but this is too simplified, they must make new URL's or filenames to really make you money. Andy in Bangkok, Thailand December 28, 2007 To make money your site has to be fat not long on comments

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