Timestamp Or Mark The Date Of Entry And Leaving Countries - Tips

Timestamp or Mark the Date of Entry and Leaving Countries Travel blog readers will begin to read when you enter a country and stop reading when you leave, some are monitoring the your blog and when you enter a country of interest they will start to read daily. There is also a desire to count the number of countries, the time frames etc and this is helpful. If for some reason you need to prove the the tax people when you entered or left a country you have it logged. My method is to make a title with the year at the beginning. The reason is for two reason, when I am scanning down a list of blog post, I can spot timestamps or markers faster, and second if the title were in a database I would be able to sort and all the 2007 timestamps would group together. Theoretically I should be able to search for 2007 in google.com on my site and the titles with 2007 should be at the top.
Example: 2007 February 25 Enter Togo https://www.hobotraveler.com/2007/02/2007-february-25-enter-togo.html Timestamp or Mark the Date of Entry and Leaving Countries

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