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Thegreatescape Com Helon Rtw Plane Tickets - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Helon RTW Plane Airfare I am not in the best place on the planet to read about round the world plane flights, I am in Ethiopia. I was talking with Jeroen in Bangkok, and as I understand there is some fine print problems with surcharges, fuel charges and other extras. I am not sure if you are only looking at the website or you are looking at their website or talking with a travel agent. Hmmm, If I was going to travel around the planet in less than 60-90 days then an around the world plane ticket would be of interest. If I have unlimited time, then of no interest. From 3 to 6 month time periods of travel there is a moderate interest in these types of tickets. IF you are trying to travel in the South Pacific then maybe of great interest, because the airfares are truly out of sight expensive. I presently would only consider one to go the South Pacific, because it would be the only way to stop extreme cost. Now, understand.... I have paid 1500 dollars two times to escape from Africa, if the 2600 include in and out of Africa it would maybe be a good value. In and out of Central America, South Ameria, Europe, USA, Asia and India are not a problem. Africa, Middle East and South Pacific are difficult, in some ways the Carribean RTW tickets are for convenience of high speed travel, not truly for long-term travel in my opinion. Thanks, Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com in Mojo, Ethiopia
Name: helon
Country: USA Message:
Hi, I just wanted to say I found your web page the other night and I think it offers such a great insight to traveling along with great advice. I was so intrigued I read just about everything on the site in one night. To get to the reason as to why Im writing you, I just wanted to say that Im a photographer, solo traveler, 20 year old guy, and Im going to be doing much traveling this summer...perhaps longer my itinerary is: most of mainland europe-hong kong- sydney- singapore- penang, malaysia- bangkok- and then tokyo, perhaps maybe even india. I was hoping that maybe you would be interested in using some photos for your site as I would love to contribute to such a great cause. Also, I agree with you that you can create an around the world trip on youre own terms, usually cheaper than purchasing an around the world ticket, but have you ever heard of www.thegreatescapade.com? Its the only place Ive found that offers one of these tickets at a great price. My itinerary would!
cost me $2000 USD while the cheapest I can estimate the cost of purchasing tickets as I go is $2600. The great escapade ticket seems to offer quite the flexibility but I was wondering if you had heard anything about this RTW ticket? Or do you think the extra $600 dollars would be worth the infinite flexibility but risk of ticket price fluctuation,etc.? Thank you so much for your time. Keep up the Great work! -Helon

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