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Thailand Storage - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Hello I pay 10 Baht per day or 25cents USAin Thailand in the Sawasdee Welcome, they give me a ticket, and I need to use a chain to lock it to the racks, of I feel I do. I guess about 25 cents USA per day. I guess maybe about 7.50 per month. What is great, last time for 500 Baht, I went and purchased the largest bag maybe possible on Khao San Road and put in the storage, I can put two backpack in the bag. I am storing things I want to sell in the future in the bags. Note in Nepal, I store a bag for Free in the Hotel, Katmandu, Garden or the Tibet Peace Guesthouse, Tibet Peace is organized and maybe safer in a way. Thailand is 90 percent safe, providing another traveler does not decide to steal. I think the more expensive the bag, the more they would want to steal, I only put in junk bags in long-term storage, however you can buy a big one, and put a good one inside. Locking the bag, this is all about having a bag you can lock.... hehehe

I have these locations for storage of bag. 1. USA - Indiana
2. Thailand - Bangkok
3. Nepal - Katmandu
4. Peru - Cusco
4. I need Frankfurt or maybe Berlin Germany
5. I need Togo, getting a Visa to Ghana is difficult, but to travel from Ghana to Togo by land is easy.
6. Riga, Latvia is possible, I do not know how to travel Russia and have no desire to hang around or return regularly to the Middle East. I suppose London would be good. Andy on Storage and Lockers of the planet, theories of travel 101... hehehe Andy in Atakpame, Togo May 2007 This all Thank you,
Andy 2007-05-01