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Thailand Missing Cross Link - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Hello Matthieu,
I am not sure, I think you put a link on a Blog post that had nothing to do with the the post, by me replying to this, the link will go into the help center of HoboTraveler, and create an incoming link to you. Please if you would, keep an eye on this site, and you will be able to link, and make your own brochure page of your Hotel.
This site will also be enmeshed with HoboTraveler.com eventually.
I am not sure, Rayong or Ranong, aagh, I was in the city close to Burma or Maimer where I would do visa runs for 5 dollars from Thailand to Burma and come back, having 30 more days in Thailand. Maybe there is a post in the blog whereby you can post on the blog and it would be related.
Oh well, do not remember.
Andy in Lome, Togo West Africa
Note, it is ok to remove the link... hehehe
YOU WROTE - Note: (...) Three dashes means I edited the text
Name: matthieu
Country: Thailand
how are you?
we have made in the past a cross link with your site
we are linking you from http://www.reggaeguesthouse.com/links.htm
Please tell me if you put the link back or prefer me remove our link to you. if you put it back, here is the link code:
ROOTS REGGAE HOUSE RAYONG, guesthouse by the beach in Rayong, Thailand, travel information, links, add url
Thanks a lot
ps: I-ll remove the link within a week
Website URL: http://www.reggaeguesthouse.com
Thank you,
Andy HoboTraveler.com

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