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Sustaining Yourself On The Road Insight - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Sustaining yourself on the road insight

Question about how to continue traveling? YOU WROTE, answer below
Name: Sarit R.
Country: Ukraine

Hi Andy,
I need insight on a subject you must know inside and out.
In November 2005 I, and my partner in crime, left on a rtw trip and
soon realized we will not be coming back. It's just to damn fun out here,
in the open world. Now though, the only tiny-weeny problem is that
money doesn't grow on palm trees, and piranha fishing doesn't pay very well
ether. Help! How did you do it? How did you manage traveling for so
long and make money off it? I know, I know, it's not like I'm saying that
traveling on no or little money is impossible. We have fixed websites,
translated menus, and did all those other fun things that earn you a
night in a hostel, but what I want to know is how YOU do it.
Eternally grateful,

Website Name: HopStopTravel.com
Website URL: http://hopstoptravel.com

ANSWER I have been lucky to have a webpage that makes money using the google.com Adsense program. However, the bottom line is I must have traffic, large numbers of people. Good to remember is the more files the more traffic. Keep all the files in the root not in folders /this/that/ etc .com/my-trip.html Then use words people search for, title the pages that are popular. If I talk about Thailand Girls as a title, it will get more traffic than say Hello There - More or less Hello there are too common of words, get no traffic. To get a lot of readers on a blog you have to be blunt, honest and not be shy, if they hotel cost this much tell people, if you do not like it, tell, and if you do tell. Do not wrap in some cliche mystery. I do study SEO continually, Search Engine Optimization. Good luck. Andy in Bangkok, January 2008 Oops. Saving money is ten times easier than making money. Living in a hotel for 2 dollars is easier to do in a poor country than to make twenty. Sustaining yourself on the road insight

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