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Support In Togo For Americans Shea Butter - Tips

Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:41:49

Support in Togo for Americans Dennis
Country: USA

Hello Andy,

I am planning a trip to lome, togo and saw your pictures. I was wondering if you could give me some advice about security overthere. Is there any local support for americans there. I am looking to purchase shea butter from suppliers in togo and ghana. Any help I appreciate. Thanks so much. Dennis

Hello Dennis, I would say yes, however as always it may be taxing to find it. The USA Embassy in Togo is small enough that you can find people to talk with and help you. I attended a Thursday Night English speakers dinner meeting whenI was there and networked with many people. Security is good in Lome, Togo about the same as Mexico, however do not expect the USA embassy to take care of you. I would advise to stay in the Galion Hotel, even though cheap and not as nice, there are tons of Expat types to help you there. I am not sure, do you speak French, to travel in Togo without speaking French can be a huge problem. Right next door is Ghana, they speak ok English and normally have all the same products. I am not sure how serious you are and how long you want to spend there, but for the price of Airfare I would consider coming to Togo and helping you out, and I do speak passable French.

You need to click on the contact form again to write me again. Andy in Bangkok Thailand Support in Togo for Americans Shea Butter

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